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Amanda Krenn is a certified Detox Specialist by the teachings of a famous holistic healer, Dr. Robert Morse. She is also a certified Raw Food Nutritionist and a raw cook.

Her incredible passion for health-related topics made her recognizable in the fields of Holistic Healing, Herbalism, Personal Development, Spirituality, and Fitness.

Amanda’s powerful approach combines:

  • Working with the diet and herbs to initiate deep detoxification and cellular regeneration for preventing and reversing diseases
  • Achieving balanced nutrition and building a healthy relationship with foods
  • Teaching all the shortcuts to reaching your ultimate physical and mental health, which will save you years of trials and errors!
  • Reprograming the subconscious mind and replacing the self-destructive behaviors with the positive lifestyle habits that serve us

Let her life-changing story and the success of hundreds of clients inspire you to take an action and achieve your own transformation. Get in that winner mindset with Amanda’s guidance and finally make it happen!

For Enquiry: Please fill out a short form explaining your current situation and goals or contact us by email and we’ll get in touch with you shortly.  Office Hours : 08:00 – 20:00 Mon – Friday GTM +2

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