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Why You Gained Weight On A Raw Vegan Lifestyle?

Why You Gained Weight On A Raw Vegan Lifestyle?

For most or people eating a standard diet, deciding to eat only raw foods for a couple of days, would be considered a fast. Miracles are often promised and many people come to this lifestyle with the idea of having a perfect body figure.

Yet, the reality is much different. Many people are struggling with weight on a raw vegan diet, and even some people gain extra weight by switching to an unlimited calorie banana plan 🙂

Many people recommend ‘to avoid the cravings make sure to eat huge amounts of food’, without knowing your particular situation!

Well if your body misses certain minerals, the satisfaction won’t be met even after eating kilos of foods, just because, the demineralized body still didn’t get what it needs!

In this case, eating beyond the body’s ability to digest can cause sluggishness and fermentation.

And every time you feed candida, keep in mind that candida will eat your food and then pee and poo inside of you creating loads of toxins, and then you have to deal with eliminating them.

In this case, water retention is highly possible. Also, weak kidneys cause puffy undefined figure as well

Then it comes to the glandular system, hormonal imbalance will definitely affect your body’s metabolism and how your body is utilizing macronutrients as energy. Your hormones will decide will the fruit sugar turn into calories or fat and where the fat will be mostly located.

Belly fat? It may be from elevated cortisol. Fatty tighs, estrogen may be involved, and so on.

Then if your guts are impacted with hardened waste, your elimination might be compromised, and keep in mind that when you don’t eliminate, you accumulate!

Then there is emotional eating. We all carry some emotional baggage, but indigestion triggers big-time anxiety, and then you end up binging!

So it’s not all about calories, there are many things involved and to reach the results you have to get deeper than ‘just eat more fruits’.

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