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Why Many Women After Giving Birth Experience Depression?

Why Many Women After Giving Birth Experience Depression?

I don’t have children, but I’ve been experiencing quite a depression prior to changing my lifestyle, and I saw a lot of women, ending with severe depression after giving birth.

Postpartum depression is very much misunderstood and most often treated with drugs that just cause further damage.

Why is this happening? The problem is not emotional nature, it’s purely chemical nature!

In the conditions of a low parathyroid gland, the gland that is responsible for proper calcium utilization, your mental health and the quality of every tissue in the body, teeth, and bones, pregnancy can deplete mother from calcium and cause severe mental and physical problems.

During the pregnancy, baby’s body has priority, so all the calcium is drawn from the mother for the formation of a healthy baby. After the baby is born, the mother is left extremely calcium deficient and, in case of a weak parathyroid gland, is unable to recover the loss.

Supplementing calcium does not help, cause with the dysfunctional parathyroid gland, there is a problem with the utilization of calcium, regardless of its presence in diet and supplements. What follows is extreme depression, which sometimes can end up with hallucinations. In history there are many cases of mothers murdering babies, not being aware of what is happening, and that is exactly due to those hallucinations from the lack of calcium.

My advice to the mothers is to fix themselves first, before attempting to create another life. Gland weakness is a serious problem. And in the case of the parathyroid gland, healing requires a lot of patience, fruits, herbs, and sun exposure.

When you learn how the human body works, you can observe the people and always identify recognizable patterns. If you have mental problems, you should not identify yourself with them. Their nature is chemical, and not emotional, and by changing the body’s chemistry, you are able to change the way you perceive the world!

Physically healthy individuals always have a positive outlook on the world. The way you experience this reality will completely change when you detox the body and strengthen your endocrine system.

So choose health, choose detoxification and regeneration with raw vegan fruitarian diet and herbs, instead of treatment!

If you need help in trasitioning to a healthier lifestyle, to detox your body safely and efficiently, please consider me as you coach. My passion is spreading awarness abour benefits of raw foods and miracoulos powers of herbs. I help people to reach their full potential and optimal physical and meantal health and achieve true happiness.

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