Why Including Herbs In Your Detox Routine Is Crucial For Healing?

Benefits And Role Of Herbs In Cellular Detoxification

Any symptom or disease is purely a manifestation of accumulated acids in that area of the body.  

Detoxification is the only tool available to this date for humans to remove any kind of obstacles, physical and emotional and restore their true health. With fruits, herbs, fasting and other healing modalities, we can initiate deep cellular detoxification and regeneration of all the tissues in the body. It is absolutely possible to regain health, strength, vitality, and joy and live the life we could only dream of!

When astringent properties of fruits dig and melt toxins from your tissues, those unwanted chemicals get into blood before they will be eliminated. In the situation, where lymphatic and endocrine systems are weak and organs of elimination, kidneys, colon, skin, and lungs, don’t work their proper job, those toxins will get reabsorbed by your cells and causing multiple damages and serious loss of energy, due to inability to eliminate the waste. Here comes the role of herbs!

It is crucial to include the herbs in your detox routine. Medicinal herbs will boost your endocrine system and work on keeping your energy and hormones in check while supporting organs of elimination and increasing the removal of toxic waste.

By addressing the main cause of all diseases, which is acidity /inflammation and cellular weakness, we can set free from all human diseases.

Every person is different, they carry different genetical weaknesses and develop toxic congestion in different areas. Therefore, one herbal program won’t necessarily suit everyone. I do have a PRE-MADE 14-WEEK HERB PROTOCOL for deep detoxification and cellular regeneration, which generally covers major systems that play a key role in detoxification, but it is not targeting the areas that are specifically weak in your case. While often herbs don’t harm, and it is beneficial to enrich the diet and support detox with superior herbal nutrition, choosing a FULLY CUSTOMIZED 14-WEEK HERB PROTOCOL might be a better option. This is a personalized herbal protocol that should suit best for your particular case, according to the detailed questionnaire and details that you filled out.

Customized Herb Protocol is made to suit your needs exactly and it is made differently for every client. Usually, the goal of herb protocol is to help you cleanse and restart the digestive system from accumulated toxins, improve digestion, initiate weight loss and water retention, alkalize the system, initiate deep cellular detoxification and regeneration, and improve overall wellbeing.

This herbal protocol is adjusted to the use of Dr. Morse formulas, but if you can not source them, or afford them, let this not prevent you from healing yourself! I will suggest how to look for the replacements and also list several single herbs that would target the same areas.

Weather you decide to go for a full herbal protocol to support your natural healing proces, or just to include several herbs of your interest, make sure that your diet is properly stuctured and that is assisting you in reaching your goals. Remember even the best hearbal protocol and the highest qulaity herbs, can’t override the bad diet!

For assistance in structuring your diet to help you reach your detox and nutrition goals, please consider some of my coaching packages!