Why Do People Think That Meat Makes Them Strong?

The truth about animal farming and adrenaline presence in the food you eat.

From a very early age, we are raised and conditioned to think that meat and other animal products are necessary for survival and extremely important for the health of individuals. We are taught that animal milk gives us strong teeth and bones, eggs are necessary for nutrients and meat gives us strong blood and high energy. They teach us the same things in the family, in schools, on tv and other social media and literary everyone is familiar with these statements. But do they have healthy strong teeth, a nourished body and lots of energy? Most likely not. Society these days is sicker than ever and the medical industry is earning millions. >There is an epidemic of all kinds of diseases, which barely existed 30 years ago! Cancers, tumors, cardiovascular problems and the like have a direct connection with the current high protein diets based on animal products! Let’s check the animal meat so you can make the decision for yourself. Not only that those poor animals are grown in horrific conditions, with barely any space to move, breath or eat clean, but they’re also fed with unnatural foods for their species, they are loaded with chemicals, artificial hormones and severely stressed and unhappy. And don’t think that those free-range cows and chickens are running freely over the Alpe mountain as they show you on commercials! The truth is scary. So scary, that is strictly forbidden approach to those farms and factories to anyone except for employees. You have no clue what is happening behind of those closed doors. Cows are fed grains instead of grass, so they can grow faster and gain more weight, to give more meat for selling. They’re also served GMO grains and they end up suffering from all kinds of inflammation and diseases. Then they load them up with antibiotics and all kinds of stuff to suppress their immune responses. Also, they add reproductive hormones so the cow can give more milk and be more fertile. This cocktail of antibiotics, hormones, and chemicals is ending up in the milk you drink and the meat you eat. And the final thing, why people are so sure that meat gives them strength is due it’s presence the epinephrine, widely known as adrenaline in animal products. When animals are getting slaughtered, they are aware of it. They can hear other animals are screaming for help and dying in pain. They can feel it. They can smell the blood, and they know that they’re the next. They panic, they shiver, they cry. Their body is instantly producing enormous amounts of adrenaline to give them a boost in that extremely stressful situation in order to try to survive. With all of the efforts, they end up dead and some adrenaline they secreted is left in the meat you eat. Doesn’t sound delicious, right? Yes, the adrenaline rush can give you a ‘kick’ cause animal hormones are attaching to the human receptors and creating those feelings. But it’s a feeling of stress and fight or flight response and not a metabolized energy. Meat doesn’t give you power, but makes you feel stressed, violent, with mixed up hormones and feelings. That’s why religious Muslim people are eating only halal meat, which means that animal is killed from behind, when it’s not aware, so contain less of adrenaline. This might be a bit better for humans but doesn’t justify the killing of animals. It’s very cruel and totally unnecessary. ‘People eat meat and think they will become strong as an ox, forgetting that the ox eats grass!’ Pino Caruso There are numerous athletes who are switching to the plant-based lifestyle and their results are skyrocketing. Their increase in physical performance is proof that the body fueled by plants has more energy and strength. Their muscular outlook shows you that you can build and maintain muscle by eating only plants. The plant-based diet is way more superior and there are also numerous health benefits associated. Many diseases are disappearing just from switching to a  plant-based lifestyle. Less cancers, tumors, hormonal imbalances, less cardiovascular diseases, gland disorders, less digestive problems, less skin conditions, less pain, less inflammations, less flues, fewer parasites… the list is endless and most importantly, balanced hormones and happy soul, calm mind and a brilliant mood! Discover new possibilities, get creative, fall in love with the plants, and be the one who is radiating love, not violence!