What Is Behind Your Edema / Swelling And How To Eliminate It?

Why low adrenal glands will result in swelling/edema?

I know, I know, everyone told you that your swelling is from too much sodium in your diet, but if you’d manage to be completely salt-free for some time you, you’d most likely see that salt was not the problem.

I have been suffering from extreme edema for over a decade and I was told that things will only get worse since my veins have been completely ruined from the car crash I had.

Well, those doctors knew very little about great the lymphatic system and spent many years focusing only on blood.

And little did they know that the extreme stress, as the car crash I had, that almost killed me and left me in the hospital for almost half year, can completely ruin the adrenal glands and make a person prone to inflammations and swelling!

And edema/ swelling is not just an aesthetic problem, it is extremely uncomfortable to walk around with the heavy legs and arms. Your heart has to work extra jobs dealing with so much liquid in the system. you might feel like passing our most of the time. Your lymphatic system gets stagnant and the cells are literally bursting from the extra liquid in the system.

Edema is not only unattractive but very dangerous too. Plus your mental health may suffer, cause the lack of adrenal hormones, and this overall acidity and lymph stagnation are causing anxiety, fears, panic attacks, nightmares, and of course the low self-esteem.

When you get any kind of inflammation like arthritis, doctors might prescribe you steroid drugs to lower the inflammation.

Usually, steroids are produced by your adrenal glands as a mechanism of the body to lower the inflammation. But when your adrenal glands weaken and not enough steroids are produced, inflammation becomes part of your daily life.

Now you get inflamed because of pollen, then because of gluten, or other food intolerances or food allergies, then because of some chemicals or unknown reason… And day by day you have more and more pains all over your body and you have absolutely no clue where all this is coming from.

Acids from food and entertainment, that you used to tolerate, are now literally burning your cells and tissues and you feel hopeless.

The medical community has no answer to chronic diseases or autoimmune diseases because they’re there are focused on the symptoms and not at the root cause of the diseases. And in this case, it is systemic acidosis due to toxic and stressful lifestyles that weakened the adrenal glands, so they become insufficient in producing adequate amounts of steroids – inflammation-reducing hormones.

Logically, to health the inflamed body once for all and reduce unnecessary stress response, we have to go through deep detoxification with the vegan fruitarian diet and herbal combinations. Fruit-based diet and frequent meals based on natural simple sugars are nourishing weakened adrenal glands and giving your body a chance to detox deeply, remove accumulated acids present in the body, and initiate regeneration.

Some of the herbs are extremely beneficial for restoring adrenal glands and lowering the inflammation and they should be an important part of a healing protocol.

The accent is on detoxing the accumulated waste that is creating stress on weakened adrenal glands while providing optimal nutrition for the recovery

Avoiding stressful lifestyle and all sorts of stimulants are necessary.

As the adrenal glands heal, your swelling, pain, or any kind of inflammation present will disappear.

You see, the beauty comes from true health, and true health comes from detoxification and cellular regeneration.

You can heal edema and swelling and have your body figure and confidence back, the choice is yours!

I have lots of experience in edema and swelling, so if you need a Detox Coach, that walked the talk and made it happen in reality, to guide you to reach your optimal health and figure, I’d love to help you out! To book some of my services visit: