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Hannah Rose Coleman, US

Hannah Rose Coleman

“I hired Amanda for two months during a time when I was drowning in strange and scary bodily symptoms and she was like a life raft to me. During our first call I was crying and felt terrible and she was very compassionate and encouraging. Not only did she guide me towards health by giving me the tools to detox and heal my body but she gave me hope that I would be ok. She creates a safe space to be honest about what you’re going through and she communicates simply on how to best approach your healing journey. By our last call I was full of knowledge and the confidence to use it and full of laughter! Amanda truly acted as an ultra bright light in the middle of a very dark time for me. I will be forever grateful to her for that. If you’re feeling misunderstood by or frustrated with the medical system, Amanda provides a path to true healing that most doctors have no clue how to accomplish. Love you Amanda!”

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