Doing something on your own without knowing exactly where it leads can be dangerous and most likely won’t bring any results, cause detox can be tricky and many ups and down can scare you off and make you give up. That’s why it is a great idea to hire someone, who knows how the body works and went through this personally and with clients many times.

I offer individual support through voice and video calls, also email or WhatsApp, whatever suits your needs better, so you can feel comfortable and progress by your own pace. I am available at any time and always there to help and resolve any potential problems that might arise. But you have to keep in mind that I am not a doctor and everything you do is on your own responsibility.

My program will teach you to analyze the state of your own body and to build back your instincts. Some people need longer support and some get independent faster, it all depends how comfortable you are to progress. Eventually, you will be able to continue on your own with all the knowledge that was introduced to you.

New delicious recipes and beautiful foods will keep you motivated, and you can integrate in the whole new community of people with the same lifestyle, so you don’t feel alone on your journey. It’s a wonderful new world, you never knew it exists. I’m sure you will be in love with this lifestyle, constantly feeling amazing and bursting from happiness! So we start today?