The Reason Behind Numerous Symptoms And Chronic Illnesses

Rope Worms, Symptoms And The Origin

The Reason Behind Your Autoimmune And Chronic Illnesses

As I person who had rope worms for many years, I can tell you that when it comes to staying away from toxic foods, relying on the willpower alone will not work!

These parasites are releasing compounds in your bloodstream that are controlling your brain and decision-making process!

If you think that fruits alone will kill the rope worms, you have no idea which kind of creatures you are dealing with!

All autistic children have rope worms in their guts. People with the asocial behavior, that are spacey and disconnected from the word most likely have them too.

The symptoms of having rope worms are endless and the battle to get them out can be too.

There is not much research done on these creatures and while Russians are sure those are parasites, Americans are playing stupid and calling it mucus.

Many independent scientists claim that the reason for that so many people are having the rope worms in their guts is because their eggs are found in the vaccines.

The newly discovered part of the Bible named ‘The Gospel of Peace’ is talking about similar creatures residing in our guts and forcing us to do sinful demonic acts. In this text is recommended to eat fresh foods only baked on the sun (raw) and to do bowel cleansing with the fresh river water to clean ‘the devils’ and get closer to God.

Some scientists will say that they are part of the immune system collecting all of the trash and heavy metals from the body in order to protect us. That is because the testings have shown that these creatures carry extremely high doses of heavy metals and toxins, much higher than found in the rest of the body. These scientists also believe that our immune system ‘didn’t count that we will live in so much toxicity of this modern age’, so this ‘protective mechanism’ actually became the problem itself.

Regardless of where they’re coming from, it’s important to note that the guts are not the place where they are belonging!


They’re not just mucus in your guts, they are advanced parasites, probably upgraded and engineered in labs that can control your mind, your feelings, your decision making, and your food choices.

They own your soul, they possess you. And if you don’t do anything about it, you will be drawn to darkness with relatively little chance to ever see the light again!

Some of the symptoms of rope worm include severe bloating, weight gain, serious reactions to chlorophyll, ginger, turmeric, garlic, onions, and similar anti-parasitic foods and herbs, food allergies and intolerances, chemical sensitivities, constipation, brain fog, heart palpitations, severe swelling, water retention, mystery pains and inflammations, low tolerance to hot showers, asocial behavior, autism, asexual behavior, numbness, tingling, excessive thinness, heavy long sleep and poor energy levels, adrenal fatigue, depression, noise in the ears, suicidal thoughts…and many many others. They are the reason for many chronic and autoimmune diseases.

Battle with the rope worms can be endless. But not impossible. Some things can kill you before they would kill them. Some things work some don’t.

Your body can easily become a battlefield, where they’re fighting for their life and you are trying to get yours back!

I’m telling you that rope worms are possible to eliminate and to live a happy symptom-free life. But this is a hardcore battle, so if you want to win, be sure that you are ready for everything and anything.

The strategy is crucial.

The protocol for the rope worm removal is based on deep cellular detoxification with the fruit-based raw vegan diet and the Dr. Robert Morse herbal protocol, that I, as a Certified Detox Specialist by Dr. Morse, believe in, and had great success with.

The accent is on changing the environment in your guts, so they, after initial removal, don’t ever come back!


Allow me to guide you through every step of the process, book a coaching session with me!

The Reason Behind Your Autoimmune And Chronic Illness
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