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Come and join us for a life-changing experience at Prestige Health Retreats!


Here you will learn about the pillars of deep detoxification and how to prevent and heal chronical illnesses such as autoimmune diseases, thyroid issues, digestive problems, IBS, weight issues, adrenal fatigue, anxiety, and depression, degenerative diseases, skin conditions.

In a beautiful and relaxing environment, you’ll be taken care of by Amanda Dusper – Certified Detox Specialist and Raw Food Nutritionist and her lovely team of people.

In the past 7.5 years thriving on a raw food lifestyle, Amanda has completely transformed her health with fruits, greens, vegetables, nuts, seeds and medicinal herbs, and she is extremely passionate about helping others to reach their true health and live life with purpose.

Prestige Health Retreats provide a perfectly designed program with colorful nourishing juices and smoothies, salads, raw gourmet dishes, interesting workshops, relaxing yoga sessions, and private consultations.  These will inspire you and take you on a profound journey of self-discovery and total regeneration.

This incredible Detoxification and Cellular Regeneration Retreat will be held 18-23 June 2022 in the wonderful villa in the area of Trogir, Croatia

It is an All-inclusive 5-day program with high standards accommodation, all meals, workshops and education, private consultations, yoga classes and much more!

The price is 1599EUR. For the private rooms, the price is 1750EUR.

Please email me for the full itinerary and a brochure.

Places are limited, so make sure to reserve your spot on time!

Take your life to the next level with Prestige Health Retreats, BOOK NOW 5- DAY ALL INCLUSIVE RETREAT and watch your health transforms!


*Actual property might be different, but it will be in the same price range and standards

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