• Detailed analysis of health questionnaire prior to starting
  • 4 x 60 minutes coaching sessions (every week)
  • 1-month herbal protocol
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This package is a great start. You will gain so much value! Everything I do is fully personalized!

You will be required to fill out A 200-QUESTION HEALTH ASSESSMENT BEFORE THE SESSION, so all  the 4 X 60 MINUTES WEEKLY SESSIONS are dedicated to teaching the reasons behind your problems and the solutions to it with a diet, mindset and lifestyle changes.

You will learn many tools that will serve you in healing your body and mind, everything from diet, lifestyle, recipes, detoxification, herbs, to subconscious mind reprogramming, emotional eating, social pressures, self-destructive habits, food addictions, or whichever topics interests you.

Initially, you will receive A FULLY PERSONALIZED 1-MONTH HERBAL PROTOCOL, that should help you reach your goals faster.

The Herb Protocol is listing Dr. Morse’s herbal formulas, but if you can not source them or afford them, let this not prevent you from healing yourself! I will suggest how to look for the replacements and also list several single herbs that would target the same areas!

The knowledge I’m about to teach you is transformative, and most often something you have never heard before, but it works!

This package is a great start, and week to week changes are real, but if you want to turn all the best advice into lifelong habits, and see your body fully transforms, consider booking bigger packages. It comes much cheaper than extending the month after month!

* The session must start the latest 30 days after the purchase!

After you proceed with the purchase, there will be files available for download, along with a quick guide with the instructions. Please download the files, fill them out as instructed and email them when you are ready. You will also receive an automatic confirmation email with an invoice.