1 x 60 minutes consultations

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I will answer all of your questions and doubts about the detoxification and healing body and mind, and I will present the best solutions for your problems, in the duration of 60 minutes!

If you are already on your journey but want me to clarify some stuff for you or answer some questions that came along, without doing a detailed health questionnaire analysis, this is a great option for you.

We can discuss any topic of your interest like detoxification, healing, diet, herbs, exercise, mindset, emotional detox, self-destructive patterns, emotional red buttons, mental health, social pressures, or something else.

It is also suitable for clients that have been previously enrolled in some of my services that included the questionnaire analysis, so I’m already familiar with the situation. This can be a follow-up session, to discuss your progress and make some adjustments.

Unlike other options, it doesn’t include analysis of detailed health questionnaire that is done upfront, which would give me more insight into your inner situation of organs and glands and it doesn’t include the written email with targeted herbal protocol, but can also be a great start.

If you are looking into more in-depth assistance, choose some of the coaching packages.

* The session must start the latest 30 days after the purchase!

After you proceed with the purchase, there will be files available for download, along with a quick guide with the instructions. Please download the files, fill them out as instructed and email them when you are ready. You will also receive an automatic confirmation email with an invoice.