A 30-page PDF file with a FULLY PERSONALIZED Dr. Morse 14-Week Herb Protocol for deep detoxification, based on detailed Health Assessment. The role of herbs in healing and their mechanism of work.

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Any symptom or disease is purely a manifestation of accumulated acids in that area of the body. Every person is different, they carry different genetical weaknesses and develop toxic congestion in different areas. Therefore, one herbal program wouldn’t necessarily suit everyone.

When astringent properties of fruits dig and melt toxins from your tissues, those unwanted chemicals get into blood before they will are eliminated. In the situation, where lymphatic and endocrine systems are weak and organs of elimination don’t work their proper job, those toxins will get reabsorbed by your cells and cause multiple damages, while causing serious loss of energy, due to inability to eliminate waste. Here comes the role of herbs!

Usually, the goal of the herbal protocol is to help you cleanse and restart the digestive system from accumulated toxins, improve digestion, initiate weight loss and water retention, alkalize the system, initiate deep cellular detoxification and regeneration, strengthen the glands and improve overall wellbeing.

The Herb Protocol is listing Dr. Morse’s herbal formulas, but if you can not source them or afford them, let this not prevent you from healing yourself! I will suggest how to look for the replacements and also list several single herbs that would target the same areas!

The booklet contains seven lists of herbal tinctures (areas of weaknesses) that are changing every two weeks and synergistically targeting the reasons behind the problem. It also contains detailed information on the role and benefits of herbs in healing, which will serve as YOUR COMPLETE GUIDE THE 14-WEEK REGENERATIVE DETOXIFICATION!

***Herbs are not included.

*Due to my busy schedule, and the fact that everything I do is completely adjusted to your unique needs, it might take me up to 7-10 working days, from the time you provide me with all the information, to deliver this digital product to your email address