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Why Fruit Diet Is Not Enough In Getting Rid Of Parasites?

Why Fruit Diet Is Not Enough In Getting Rid Of Parasites?

What I’ve realized over the years working with hundreds of clients, is that every single person with a chronic disease suffers from a heavy parasitic load.

Parasites are opportunistic creatures, and they are not the direct cause of disease in the first place, but they will inhabit and multiply in bodies with decay, poor oxygenation, congested lymphatic system, low ph levels, and high heavy metals and toxic load. Then they grow in number and spread to different areas of the body, so then their presence becomes a constant source of toxins, which the body is unable to get rid of on its own, despite complete diet change!

Parasites, bacterias, yeasts, molds, protozoa, algae, etc will not only steal your nutrition and energy source, but they will excrete their toxic waste (pee and poo) inside of you! So not only that you have to take care to eliminate your own waste, but now also the waste of millions of other creatures! And not to forget that germs are able to communicate and produce synchronized virulent attacks by excreating large amounts of poisons in our system!

So just because you change your diet, parasites will not go away. They’re highly adaptable creatures. As humans can survive eating foods, that are by no means suitable for human consumption like Mcdonalds, candies, and soda, your parasites on fruits will survive too. They might not be the most vibrant parasites, and they maybe won’t thrive, but is very likely that they will just adapt!

So here comes the role of herbal protocols in terrain modification along with different healing modalities, to kill the initial parasite load, but at the same time eliminate the reason, why they’re there in the first place! Only this way, you can finally get out of the catch 22 and allow your body to heal chronic inflammation and various symptoms that have been bothering you for years.

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