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My Rope Worm/Parasite Journey – What Is Crawling In Our Insides

My Rope Worm/Parasite Journey – What Is Crawling In Our Insides

After 2,5 years on a mostly pure fruitarian diet, I still had parasites! 🐍 And tons of them! 😱So when someone mentions 7 days cleanse for healing, it makes me laugh. 😂Those creatures are way tougher than many of us, so better don’t start the war you don’t plan on winning!😉

I ate mostly nothing but fruits, no greens, no nuts and seeds, no vegetables, no cooked foods, not even a green juice, because of extreme reactions to them, and I did it for so damn long, but despite, I still had one million problems. Occasionally I did eat something cooked as well, but it would get me so sick, that I wouldn’t think of it for long 😣

Parasites are real, and just because you wash your hands, it doesn’t mean that they’re not crawling in your insides! 😱

I looked quite normal on that pic from 2015, right? 🤔 Would you tell, that in the following years I removed kilos of parasites, biofilms, rope worms, mucoid plaque, algae, protozoa, and who knows what not?!

I did 2000 enemas and tried a million things to get them out. Freaky and gross, but I will tell you one thing, TODAY I AM A FREE HUMAN! 🙏✨

Those creatures were causing me an incredible amount of inflammation, pain, swelling, bloating, gas, food cravings and addictions, water retention, fatigue, skin problems, hair loss, neurological issues, food intolerances, insomnias, heart arrhythmias, brain fog, and tons of mental problems!😵

You wanna get your life back, you have to change your approach. Those creatures won’t just go away magically as you change your diet. Some will, but many won’t. For this, you need a hardcore parasite protocol with strategically chosen herbs. 🌿

Did you find rope worms in your enemas? Do you suffer from some of the symptoms I mentioned?

I’ve been learning about rope worms since 2014 and I can help you get rid of them along with other digestive disorders and poor microflora! I teach strategic parasite protocols and deep cellular detoxification, based on your individual needs and body weaknesses.

If you need assistance in getting your health back, choose a coaching package with me, or contact me to schedule a 10-minute Free Introduction Call! Looking forward to inspiring you to heal and reach your full potential! 🥰❤️

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