Motivational Story – My Incredible Transformation On A Raw Vegan Diet


It’s even hard to imagine how much mental power it took to come this far. If you asked me, I absolutely don’t have a clue where it came from.

After having a debilitating car crash on my 16th birthday, I totally lost the desire to live.

4 hours of bone surgery, a very high dose of anesthesia, one million chemicals, shock, and trauma, totally ruined my immune system. We also lived in 100 years old moldy family house, that made things worse. Health problems started to creep in and over time it turned into chronic illness and autoimmune disease and no one had answers to my symptoms.

The pain was my daily struggle. Every single bone, every muscle was hurting and all the doctors I visited, said the same, THE PAIN WILL INCREASE OVER THE YEARS and THERE IS NO WAY TO REVERSE IT.

Severe swelling, brain fog, acne, rashes, sharp pain in a thyroid, thyroid nodules, symptoms of Hashimoto’s, kidney cysts, Baker’s cyst, hearth problems, systemic candida, low energy, virus breakouts, hair loss, stomach ulcers, headaches, anemia, anxiety, depression, lack of interest in life…

I tried all possible diets and after nothing worked, I became a raw vegan fruitarian. And instead of a person who wants to destroy herself, I became programmed to get ultimate health! 💪

TODAY IS MY 7 YEARS FRUIT BASED VEGAN ANNIVERSARY! 80-100% of fruits in my diet always! 🎉

You can not imagine how good it felt putting these images together! 🔥

The system didn’t serve me. And for the first time in my life, I saw a glimpse of how life should be. Fruit diet made me happy, it made me laugh from the heart and to dream the most beautiful dreams I ever had!

We need to unlearn everything that was taught to us, we have to question everything and we have to accept that we will be weird I the eyes of others, and we will be mocked and we will be rejected, but as long as we know that we will be there for ourselves, nothing else matters!

I did over 2000 enemas in the period of 2 years dealing with parasites including rope worms and never found an excuse, I ate pure fruitarian diet, also did long mono-fruit cleanses, juice cleanses, short dry fasts and water fasts, liver flushes, parasite cleanses, followed various protocols and gave a try to one million other uncomfortable things that promised results!

I was not afraid of failing cause my vision of health was stronger than my fear! 💪

We, humans, are limitless, just have to find ways to activate that incredible potential that is given to us!✨

Your current pain should not define you. You can be a totally different person in a few years from now. If you don’t give it a chance you will never know, and if you already feel so bad, there is nothing to lose!

At this point, I feel so blessed that I had so much tragedy in life because the bigger force knew that I can handle it. Now I’m initiating change in the life of others and living life with a purpose. Health coaching is not my job, it is my biggest passion!

DETOXIFICATION IS THE ONLY TRUE PATH TO HEALING. I believe in it with whole my heart ♥

I am one of those Dr. Morse practitioners that walked the talk and I experienced everything on my skin, rather than just learning from the books, and that I am a living proof that the lifestyle I promote is transformative and crucial in healing autoimmune or any other chronic diseases.

If you want to reach the ultimate physical and mental health, let me teach you all I learned in 9 years on my journey and through my certifications as Dr. Morse certified Detox Specialist and also a Raw Foods Nutritionist.
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