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Inspiration & Recipes

Guilt free, mouth watering raw recipes which will open for you a new world full of possibilities! You crave cheese? Yogurt? Pasta? Pizza? We have them all!

It’s funny how people are afraid of moving forward cause they have strong emotional attachment to those foods, but no worries, we can make them all, and I promise you, recipes are endless and you will burst from taste while not compromising your health!

We will teach you basics of raw food kitchen and also some advanced skills we developed by ourselves to experience this new healthy diet as something on totally different level!

These are some food preparing techniques you will learn:

  • Tips for making perfect smoothies
  • Incredibly delicious and no guilt raw vegan ice-creams
  • Spiralizing vegetables and making raw noodles
  • Salad chopping and decorating
  • Making low fat salad dressings
  • Seed and nut salad dressings
  • Creating dips, chutneys,spreads
  • Soaking nuts and seeds
  • Making nut milks
  • Fermenting vegetables – Pickling
  • Making raw vegan yogurt, cream cheese and firm cheese
  • Sprouting seeds, nuts, grains and beans
  • Making dehydrated meals, pancakes, crackers, pizzas
  • Buying in bulk, organizing and storing produce
  • Making powders out of fruits and vegetables and similar.

Sounds exciting? Start NOW !

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