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Dr. Morse Herbs

Dr. Morse Herbs

If you are based in Europe and you already know which herbs you need to order, you can support me by buying them through my link. When you buy following this link, I do get a small commission, but prices for you are the same.

If you are from Canada, there is a cheaper alternative, with the same ingredients. They claim to have stronger tinctures than those from Dr. Morse. You can support me by buying those herbs through my link. Again, I do get a small commission for this, but the price for you is the same.

For the USA market, outside of Europe, or anywhere else in the world, I can do the order for you, and in return, I do help with the choice.

If you need some help with choosing the right herbs, you can contact me, I can give my opinion without going deeply into your condition. But for the clients that hire me for coaching.  I do the detailed questionnaire and the whole session of coaching and this gives me insight in the inner state of the body, organs, and glands, so I am able to recommend the full initial herbal program.

If you are not interested in coaching, but just need a full 14- Week Herb Protocol, you can select this option on the checkout and will do a detailed analysis and write the full program for you.

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