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Autoimmune Disease – Why Your Body Attacks Itself?

Autoimmune Disease – Why Your Body Attacks Itself?

When I realized that I am having an autoimmune disease, it got me thinking, why my body would hate me so much?

When you start thinking of it, it becomes depressive. Especially cause my first try was using immune herbs and then I found out that ‘they are not recommended cause boosting immunity, in this case, would mean destroying yourself at even higher speed!

But why would your divine body, which is capable of imagining and creating all this technology, and being true divine love, would do that? Is your body really hating you?

No, the idea that the body wants to destroy itself is very badly interpreted. Your body loves you more than anything and it always wants to go back to homeostasis, no matter how bad we treat it with unhealthy foods and a destructive lifestyle. 

What happens is that your lymphatic system, which is big-time overlapping with your immune system, gets congested with toxins and is further unable to process new waste, which is a big part related to foods we eat.

The immune system and lymphatic system are so connected with your gut health and when your guts become breeding ground for parasites, yeasts, and bad bacteria, they become inflamed, damaged, and completely inefficient. 

Your body starts producing antibodies to the food you eat or even things you breathe (i used to get bloated and get swollen legs JUST FROM INHALING FRESHLY CHOPPED ONION!)

It starts destroying its own tissues, not because it wants to die, but because those tissues of your thyroid, liver, bones are severely acidic, full of germs, and need to be eliminated, to create healthy new cells.

But in a body, where all the tissues are acidic and everything is falling apart, this VERY SURVIVAL MECHANISM BECOMES OUR BIGGEST ENEMY!

Autoimmune illnesses are resulting from cellular congestion, acidity, and toxicity, so, to reverse this we have to focus on deep cellular detoxification and regeneration and food intolerances, one by one, along with autoimmune attacks over time will become the matter of past <3

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