Are Grains Good For Us?

These days human diet is all based around grains, and while many scientists blame fruits for their sugar content, at the same time they praise grains as ideal human food.

Various problems with gluten, food intolerances, and allergies are becoming across the world more and more frequent. A regular diet is always based on the poor food combining, mixing fats and sugars or complex sugars (carbs), and therefore is always leading to fermentation, acidity, and all the symptoms associated with it.

So the new age thinking came up with the keto diet, where all the calories are coming from proteins and fats, while the intake simple sugars from fruits and even complex sugars from grains and starches is drastically reduced.

Yes, if you cut out the sugars, that ferment in the presence of fats, your symptoms can partly calm down, but this does not target the root of the problem! Eventually, your body will starve and go through serious damage.

Although many like to put fruits and grains in the same basket, there is a very strong line between those two. While fruits are ideal human foods and contain natural simple sugars, that are effortlessly absorbed and provide high energy, grains have a very complex structure and they require an extensive digestive process to be broken down to simple sugars than can be utilized and used as energy.

Most of the grains are acidic and mucus forming and they should be excluded from diet in order to heal.

Human blood should be slightly alkaline and consuming foods that are metabolizing as ph acidic, is causing imbalance, demineralization, dehydration, aging, and deterioration of the tissues and cells.

The human body produces mucous as a response to foods that are spiking the immune reaction. The purpose of the mucus in the body is to assist with the elimination of toxins and irritants.

The problem happens when our diet is very acidifying and mucus-forming so the accumulation of the mucus in the body as a protective mechanism, becomes a problem itself. Our nose, eyes, throat, lungs, guts, and every cell of the body becomes congested with mucus. In this situation, the absorption of nutrients is drastically reduced and the nervous system is congested. Our guts build up mucous lining that is preventing proper utilization of nutrients and our body becomes breeding ground for parasites.

Rice is like a glue. I once tried blending rice with water and my blender died.

In the old age stones of the houses were glued with the wheat and rice flour.

The name gluten is already indicating the word GLUE.

Yes, people managed to survive in nontropical locations, where fruits were not available all year round and there were not planes and boats, thanks to the use of grains.


And we definitely have a choice now.

I know they give you a sense of comfort, but if you would know to deal with your own mind, you would appreciate your intense emotions, rather than being knocked out on the couch. 😂

The typical person is most of the time in a state of fermentation and side effects are not fun! Most people have no clue how health feels like and they never felt good about their body. This is because we eat a diet that is not suitable for the human digestive system and over a time we accumulate loads of toxins.

As a Dr. Rober Morse Detox Specialis, Raw Food Nutritionist and a person who tried all possible diets out there and numerous things to get healthy, I can tell you that the only true answer to all human problems is detoxification.

The raw vegan fruitarian diet is what will move you in life from surviving to thriving!

Detoxification is an incredible tool for reversing all the damage and initiating cellular regeneration. When you detox your body and free it up from mucus residue, eating fruits will never again be a problem, instead, you will feel fully energized and satiated! And when you are properly fuelled by simple sugars, your body will stop craving grains!

Clear up your diet, separate consumption of carbohydrates and fats, and start digging deep those layers of mucus and toxins accumulated, that sticky residue.

Small changes, in the long run, bring significant results. Start your day with fruits! 😉